Caboolture with new internet technology.

Thursday 24th March 2016, Caboolture.

Well here it is, March, how time fly’s. Quite a lot has happened since January and the last report. We have lived through our first summer in the Brisbane area, and sometimes wonder how we managed it, it was quite warm and humid, which is the intolerable part, and we have heard on quite a few occasions that this year was one of the worst summers they have had in a long time. This would be typical being our first year.

I have taken a step further with joining the Computer club in Caboolture by becoming a committee member, I think I was quite easily conned into the position. I am starting to enjoy holding the position, although my title is Resources Officer, which means I am responsible for all equipment owned by the club, including maintaining the computers in the training room. I have not had much experience with maintaining computers, but there are people who are prepared to help. The past President of the club resigned his position this year and the old resources officer was elected the new President, so his position was left vacant. With nobody wanting to take over this position I was approached one day with the question, “would you like to help with setting up the sound and computer equipment this year? Your application indicates that you may have the ability. It may mean becoming a committee member though”. My answer was to the positive, and after the swearing in I found out what my true responsibilities really were. It also looks as though I am going to be talked into doing some presentations at meetings as well. This will be another experience as time progresses, and the rest of the committee are now learning what my abilities really are so I am sure we will all get along fine.

We have also had an upgrade to our internet supply with a recent connection to the NBN network. I am reasonably pleased with it up to this stage, with the exception that we are experiencing the occasional ‘Dropouts’. I have reported this to Telstra whom have handed it to NBN staff who have indicated to me that they are investigating the problem. This all sounded good until yesterday when some Telstra workers at the museum, probably contractors, informed me that NBN seem to think that up to 36 dropouts per day is acceptable, YES 36 WOULD YOU BELIEVE, according to the techs yesterday under 36 dropouts would not be considered a fault. In our case I am not sure how many we are experiencing, but some days it would be close to this if not more, who is going to watch and count, so it will be interesting to see what in the immediate future they provide as a solution, if any, and how I will go complaining to my provider, being Telstra, if they don’t provide a solution. As I said though, I am reasonably happy with it as I now have ample data limits and speed to be able to do my Windows 10 upgrade, which has been done a couple of weeks ago, and I am quite happy with that also. The only exceptions are small anomalies that my laptop suffers from, being a few years old, and always had, I think.