Narrandera on our way north.

Tuesday 5th January 2016, Narrandera.

Back at Narrandera again on our way back north. The trip today was a bit different with the weight the car is carrying, and we wouldn’t be able to get anything else in. I was surprised to find the fuel economy was not much worse than the trip down, but we were not using the air-con this time. We did have a minor possible problem on this trip with the luggage box on the roof. We had a person in the opposite direction flash his headlights and wave at us, which I took as some-one who thought they knew us and waved. Then Linda decided to tell me that she heard something thump on the roof just prior and should check to see. I noticed that a usual problem with the lid was apparent with it not sitting shut properly, the possible cause being the gas strut pushing the case out of shape and holding it ajar. I did what I have done in the past and pushed it closed and continued on our way. A stop after a short period revealed that it was up once more, and because it was raining on occasions I decided something should be done to stop water getting in so I unclipped the gas strut. This seemed to work but the incident was now instilled in my mind with the thought that it could get worse, so after arriving at Narrandera I screwed the lid shut so it will not come open. It does not need to be opened until we get home so it doesn’t matter, and I will look at a permanent fix then.

It appears to be a little busy along this route at this time of year so I have had to break a rule of mine and actually book accommodation. I don’t usually book when in the caravan because several things, e.g. Rain, could easily change our minds.