Sunday 28th June 2015, Caboolture.

I suppose it could be expected that now we have settled in our house that there won’t be much in the way of reports forthcoming, but I do intend keeping the site up and running anyway. I expect the main reason there hasn’t been many reports so far is that we have been flat out moving in and settling, and I just haven’t had time to put anything down.

Linda has gone back to Melbourne for her grand-kid fix, and medical visits, and left me here batching. She has actually gone down a week earlier than planned as daughter Narrelle has gone to England for a wedding photo shoot, yes I said ‘England’, and she asked if Linda could come down and baby-sit, that’s what grand mothers are for isn’t it. It has been a baby-sitting job with a difference this time though as just before she went down grandson Callen, the 2 year old, broke his leg on the trampoline and finding something to occupy his time while incapacitated is the fun part, she is coping pretty well though, as reports go, and Narrelle will be back on Monday.

I have gotten permission, and moved the caravan from the driveway to the other end of the yard and made room for the car to be placed in the garage, which is another story. I originally parked the caravan on the northern side of the drive so I could use the garage closest to the front door for the car, but would you believe that when the car was driven in it turned out to be about 15mm too long to fit in. It turned out that the car was fronted up against a brick wall pillar, and if I were to use the other garage it would fit between two of them, so the caravan had to be moved, to the other end of the yard, to make room for the car to get into the other garage, and it did fit, so now the driveway is clear making friend Adrian happy as he will have somewhere to park his car when they come to visit today.