Swansea, (Newcastle).

Monday 20th April 2015, Swansea (Newcastle).

What a day we had today. We have moved to Swansea, a suburb of Newcastle where we stay when in this area, and we did it in the rain again. The bad weather hit us over the past couple of days, and it is forecast for the next week or so. The problem was that we couldn’t go to Swansea early because it was booked out with school holidays, and Camden has a conference, or such, and is also booked out preventing us from staying longer. We decided we had no option but to move in the rain, much against our principles, and the second time we had to make that decision in the past few weeks. We were a bit fortunate though, as the forecast was for heavy rain yesterday and today, but we had some dry periods yesterday to pack up, and also today we had some reasonably dry periods to hook up and leave. It rained rather heavily most of the way down here, but it cleared for a short period permitting us to put up the roof as soon as we arrived. We are now settled in the van, with a roof up outside, the heater turned on in the van, and I am watching last night’s F1 race, so everything else, setting up wise, can just wait until I am ready to do it. We have warned them in the office that if it is raining when we are due to leave we will not be leaving, so don’t book our site for a while, and fortunately they complied.