Hamilton, Victoria.

Monday 23rd February 2015, Hamilton, Vic.

We broke one of our golden rules today, well sort of, by travelling in the rain. It has always been our idea that if it is raining we will not move and book in for another day. It was not actually raining when we left this morning but the forecast was for rain after we left Creswick, and rain for Hamilton to stop before we get there, so we decided to go anyway. We actually drove through a bad lightning storm on the way, but by the time we found somewhere to stop and rest to see it through it had finished. By the time we got to Hamilton the rain had passed over and cleared up.

If you hadn’t Gathered we moved again today a couple of hundred kilometres west to Hamilton, close to the South Aust. border and a hundred kilometres inland from Warrnambool, and are planning on being here for a couple of weeks. We have only just arrived and it looks like quite a nice place, so a couple of days will reveal more.