Mernda, House-sitting.

Saturday 27th December 2014, Mernda.

Here we are then at the end of another year, and what a year it has been. Both Linda and I have lost a family member, we have both suffered medical conditions with mine being a bit scary for a while but turned out to be basically nothing and Linda still suffering hers while trying to get treatment during our visit this year. I have finally reached pension age so our finances are now at a stage of hopefully being fixed and quite adequate, and I am no longer committed to doing voluntary work to meet Centrelink requirements, so hopefully very soon we will be able to just go cruising at our own leisure. The main concern is to get Linda’s ailment fixed, which may take a while, but we intend doing some travel, between doctor’s visits, around Victoria to some areas that we have not frequented. Most of the places we have been to in Victoria are those that are on the way in or out as we traverse to a different location, and we have been saying for a while now that we must spend some time just touring the areas we have missed out on, so now will perhaps be our opportunity.

We are at present house-sitting for one of daughter Narrelle’s friends while they are up in NSW somewhere having a good time, hence the place of Mernda that we are in residence.