Thursday 13th November 2014, Albury.

Today was our second last leg before arriving at Melbourne, with the last leg being from here to Heathcote Junction and parking at Narrelle’s. We are now at Albury, a place we do like very much. We do have a favourite caravan park at Lavington, being a smallish park, but very tidy, and just across the road from a large shopping centre.

If we had our way we would not stop at Yass again, it has the strangest park layout we have ever seen, too close together, and at the moment lacks a lot of maintenance. It also has several other disadvantages that are not of any real consequence, but are not of a nature we are used to. We also picked up several type insects while there that one isn’t normally bothered with. I spent a fair bit of time taking care of the ants, but when packing up this morning, when we picked anything up off the ground we were inundated with earwigs and cockroaches, horrible pests that are hard to get rid of, so I hope they didn’t invade the van too much.