Swansea, Newcastle.

Friday 31st October 2014, Swansea.

Another move today takes us on to Swansea, a southern suburb of Newcastle, and not without incidents. It was going to be a long trip today, 360K, longer than we usually do, and the weather was rather warm as well, but I can’t at this stage come up with a reason why one of our caravan tyres should explode and de-tread itself. The tyre pressures were checked only a couple of days ago, and a feel of the temperature of the tyres was made at the previous rest area we stopped at and the ride of the tyre looked good also, so I have no explanation. The particular tyre was one I purchased in St George in 2009 when we had our tyre and brake problems, and has done about 25,000 Kilometres. Perhaps that could be the problem, tyre specialists will tell you that you shouldn’t run tyres over 5 years old, and I guess this tyre was 5 years old.

Anyway we did make it to Swansea and have setup with the roof outside, so we are a bit ‘buggered’ at the moment and have no intention to do any more until whenever. We were originally only going to stay for 4 days, but are now paid for a week to give us a chance to do the repairs. More work to be done some time is repairs to the water hose from the tank underneath as it now has a leak, more than likely caused by part of the disintegrating tyre.