Wednesday 29th October 2014, Macksville.

Amazing isn’t it: We are now at Macksville, a small town that we have passed through on numerous occasions, and seen this caravan park sign on the side of the highway, and have probably never given a second thought to stopping here because it is in the middle of nowhere and is only very small town. The caravan park actually seems to be quite a nice park, a little costly for the area, but one we would come back to in the future, so long as it’s price doesn’t go up too much more. We went into the town to do some shopping and also decided that the town isn’t really that small after all, it even has a ‘Woollies’. Tomorrow the plan is now to go back into town and have a bit of a look around, probably let Linda do her thing while I wander about taking a few photos, it will be a change getting the camera out again. I did charge all the camera batteries the other day in the event this situation might arise.