Tuesday 21st October 2014, Clontarf.

I have finally succumbed to the using of a ‘Smart Phone’. Linda had an old Samsung that she indicated was intermittently faulty, so I decided to try it out for a while just to see the difference between that and my old Nokia Phone. I was surprised to find out that they do in fact have quite a few extra features that were of use to me, so I purchased a new one for myself. It turns out that I don’t think there was much actually wrong with Linda’s old one except for the fact that the on/off button on the side could be activated whilst in one’s pocket or handbag if leant against something, but it was an old model and operating system, and only 3G possibly not being blue tick, so my new one overcomes all these bad features.

There was a bit of a story with my buying my new one, which in simple terms goes like this: I ordered one on-line from Telstra, after taking my money they informed me they had no stock available, this was no good to me as we were moving on, I rang up and cancelled my order, the following morning an email told me the phone was on its way, that afternoon another email tells me the order was cancelled and my money would be returned. Me now not knowing what is likely to happen decided to wait and see what did eventuate. The phone did turn up a few days later, but no money refunded yet, a phone call to the same person I was talking to originally, Telstra does provide that option now, to inform them of the situation and to cancel the cancellation. I have now fired up the new phone and up till now the money has not been refunded, surprise, surprise, all seems to have worked out with no more hassles.