Beachmere, Beginning preparations to move.

Monday 6th October 2014, Beachmere.

We are getting questions from management as to when we will be leaving. I am sure we are not under pressure to leave, considering we have been given permission to stay longer than the allotted 4 months due to my health issues, but the park is quite full and my guess is they would like to know so they can allocate our site for further bookings. After my appointment with the surgeon tomorrow, which should be our last required visit, we should be able to give them a fixed date of the 18th October. We still have another commitment to fulfil before we leave so if we can’t do that before that date we will move to Clontarf, as we originally wanted to do, for the duration of our visit. I will have completed my recovery period by then so packing up the van will be a possibility, which is what is holding us here until the 18th.

I have also decided not to have my toenail job done this week as this will be yet another commitment to staying here because the recovery period will prevent us moving, and we really do not want another hold up. We are committed to being back here in April for follow-up treatment for my present health issue, so I may consider having it done then depending how my toe holds out. After all I have had this problem all my life, another few months is not going to be any more of a hardship.