Beachmere, more car troubles.

Thursday 29th May 2014, Beachmere.

More dramas in the household, well in the garage anyway. We had settled back in nicely after our trip to Tassie, and just gotten our expenses and finances organised again after the trip, then, I started hearing strange noises from the transmission area of the car. After test runs and visits to the local mechanics, the finer details of which may as well be left out, it was decided that there was in fact a problem with the clutch assembly. The initial diagnosis, without dismantling anything to investigate, may well result in a very costly fix, so I am very hopeful that when the do dismantle to do the repairs later today that they in fact find that it is a lot less complicated that originally thought, hence will be a lot cheaper to repair. We can be very hopeful can’t we, tomorrow will tell I guess.