Heatherbrae. (Near Newcastle)

Monday 7th April 2014, Heatherbrae.

Now at Heatherbrae, near Newcastle, we thought the caravan park was at Raymond Terrace but the actual address is Heatherbrae.

The caravan park here is something different: It doesn’t really cater for the traveller as such, probably not many stop here. There are quite a few caravans in the park but they all look as though they have been here for a while. The park looks like a reasonably good one but so far there has not been anything to do with the park that impresses us, and they are as follows.

· The office girl, when we arrived, gave us the impression that she just couldn’t have cared one way or the other. Our first thought of her attitude when she came out from the back was as if she was saying to herself “What the hell are you doing here, and what do you want”.

· We ended up on a site right down the back of the park, on our own, next to what could be an insect infested swamp area, we’ll find out tonight. It seems these sites may be the only tourist sites available.

· When we returned to the office to have a form signed we noticed the lack of a park map in our possession so we had to find our way back out, nearly getting lost. When we got there the office was shut with no explanation as to why, or when they would reopen, a sign said mail collection was at 4:00pm so we hope the office will be open again then.

· The amenities block is reasonably close by, but there is a fair climb up a hill. This doesn’t bother me much, but Linda is taking it as a bit of exercise.

I hope this will be all that we have to note. We are here for the two days anyway, as we have already paid, but we don’t think we will be back here again.