Sunday 27th April 2014, Clontarf.

We have now been here for two weeks and are falling in love with the place. Linda was heard to say, “It is a pity park regulations only allow a maximum of six weeks stay, as I would much prefer to stay here than Beachmere”. I think that actually sums up what I also think about this area, it has just about every benefit with the exception of just a couple of minor things. The amenities have a couple of minor problems with things like water temperature variation while showering and someone else turns on another tap, only one key is given for the amenities and I have this habit of walking off without returning the key to its holding position, annoys Linda no end. It is also a little dearer than Beachmere, but one could put up with that considering. Now if we don’t end up with permanency at Beachmere we will look at coming back here after staying our four months at Beachmere before heading back to Melbourne.