Clontarf (Brisbane).

Tuesday 15th April 2014, Clontarf (Redcliffe area).

We are now at Clontarf, just North of Brisbane near Redcliffe, and have actually been here for a few days. We arrived on Saturday and I guess the reason for the late entry is that we have been rained in, a funny excuse, but with the worry of being in the grips of what was the tail end of the cyclone ‘ITA’. We hadn’t put up the full annexe, only the roof, and with the wind blowing like it was the rain was vertical and nothing under the roof was safe from the rain, so we didn’t have time to think of much else. It is now settling down so we can now start to analyse if this area is going to be as good as we are hoping, with all the walking tracks along the coastline, and the fact that it much closer to the museum. We plan on spending 3 weeks here and that will take us up to the booking date we have at Beachmere.