Heathcote Junction, still but not for long.

Saturday 1st February 2014, Heathcote Junction.

It turned out that we didn’t move last week as we had planned because the caravan park at Kilmore had a problem with the site they wanted to put us on. There had been a power failure on the site and they were waiting for the electrician to fix it. They wanted us to temporarily park on another site and move when the power was fixed, but this was not to our liking so we stayed at Narrelle’s for another week. I got a phone call from the park this week saying all had been fixed so we are now to move on Monday. The problem now is that we are experiencing another heat wave of 40’s or so and it is not very comfortable packing up in it. We did most of the packing this morning before it got too hot and will finish off tomorrow and then move Monday.

I have finally updated some software on this blog, something I should have been doing all along but hadn’t bothered, and this is the first entry since the update. I have a had a big learning experience learning how to drive the new software so this entry will be classed as a test.