Heathcote Junction, after Christmas.

Saturday 28th December 2013, Heathcote junction.

Another Christmas is now over and done with. A reasonably quiet one was had this year with Narrelle, Matt and family, and Matt’s parents and brother. One didn’t really over indulge this year in food, as there not many big eaters present not a great quantity of food was produced, but with cooking habits of Narrelle and mother what we did have was rather rich, but very nice.

Working on the old telephone exchange, as I have said is very enjoyable, but I also discovered that another one they have had installed for a few years was also not fully working, so I have now surprised everyone by getting that one fully functioning as well. This other older one was actually a bit more of a challenge due to its nature, but I have always liked a bit of a challenge.

A fair bit of work has also been done in Nell’s yard, I have had the job of removing a heap of old weedy trees from the front of the house so they can plant some decent plants. Matt and I have also been busy constructing a retainer wall at the rear end of the house, well we have concreted in a couple of posts so far. And we are also cutting down some more trees in the back yard.