Peak Hill.

Monday 21st October 2013, Peak Hill.

We packed up and moved again this morning and are now at Peak Hill, only two more legs left till we reach Melbourne. We are now looking at weather forecasts and are not liking what we are seeing: it appears that the forecast for Heathcote Junction for when we arrive is going to be cooler during the day that we have been getting during the evening for the past however long, that is going to be hard to take, but we will just have to suffer it.

I finally got our VAST TV card reactivated, and it couldn’t have been easier, but in the process I found a small problem with the satellite STB with changing to daylight saving time. When the card reactivated the TV programs started playing at the correct time but the time on the STB was still as per Queensland, hence the Programme Guide was all wrong anyway. I tried to fix the problem but there was no entry in the menu system to rectify the district settings, so I rang Humax, the manufacturer. The remedy was as simple as giving the STB a factory reset, would you believe, as this is the only way to change the district, or state, settings, and it did fix the problem. There are going to be a lot of disgruntled travellers out there with this problem one day with not much of an idea of what to do.