Wednesday 23rd October 2013, Narrandera.

This is it: Our final stop before reaching Melbourne. We are now at Narrandera at the same old caravan park as we normally stop at, after saying on previous trips that we should check out the other one sometime. After having a look at reviews, and checking on prices we keep coming back here. Another 360K on Friday will see us in Heathcote Junction.

After all the rave reviews I have been giving my satellite STB recently I thought it may have totally failed yesterday. I went to turn the unit on and it just wouldn’t turn on, I also noted there was no info on the screen on the unit. It would not turn on from the remote or the unit itself, so considering it had totally locked up I turned it off at the power point to give it a total restart. When it refired it started a data download, so I guess this was the reason it locked up. When the download completed all was OK and working well.