Beachmere, the last day.

Wednesday 16th October 2013, Beachmere.

We are on our last day at Beachmere; almost everything is packed ready for the move tomorrow. I for one can’t wait for our move into NSW at least because I am sure my body has gotten used to daylight savings over the years and has now moved into that mode. I am starting to feel very tired at ten O’clock of an evening, and am waking up much earlier than usual, so when we get there everything should once again start to feel normal, hopefully.

Sitting for long periods of time change ones ideas of travelling, it seems as though the caravan has grown roots and doesn’t want to be moved, and I have also had feelings of the same ideas. I am now very much looking forward to being on the road again, though the short time this trip might be. I do feel a little more comfortable about moving the van after having the bearings redone yesterday, being reassured that everything under the van looks in reasonably good condition, and I am even more so looking forward to being able to do a lot more travelling in twelve months’ time, not being committed to doing this voluntary work, even though I do intend to continue doing it though less often.