Beachmere, Planning to leave.

Monday 14th October 2013, Beachmere.

I have just been to the Brisbane museum and put in my last day for this year. It was not a usual work day, but it turned out to be my only free day before we move out on Thursday. The job I was involved with at the museum didn’t get finished and I am not one to leave a job half done, so I feel a bit better now that I have been able to complete it.

We have been planning our departure for a while now, having several things to do before we depart like regrease the wheel bearings, wash the van etc. hence we started packing up the annexe last Thursday. Friday and Saturday was wash the van days, along with keeping some time for Bathurst watching, Sunday was Bathurst day, today was a free day, hence the museum visit, tomorrow is wheel bearing regrease day, Wednesday is final pack-up day so we can move out on Thursday. We are in the process of changing our minds about which route we are going to take on the trip down this year. We had originally decided to go down the coast road as we have not been down that way for a while even though it has its disadvantages such as extra distance, extra stopovers and a couple of longer legs, but now are thinking of going down the Newel once again. What started this thinking was a comment by Linda the other day, after hearing of bush fires in Sydney area of, “It would be just our luck to get caught in the bush fires wouldn’t it”. This has gotten me thinking that with a small route change of Goondiwindi via Warwick instead of Toowoomba, and I would probably prefer to go via the inland route anyway, so if Linda doesn’t make any emphatic statements to the contrary I think we will be going that way.

Les and Jan, another couple we are friendly with that live at Nanango have come to visit for a while before we head off, and Kay and Adrian before they head off, as they only have a few weeks left here, so there is no shortage of things to do at the present moment.