Heathcote Junction again.

Saturday 26th October 2013, Heathcote Junction.

The beginning of another chapter: Nothing that hasn’t happened before, but we are back in the Melbourne area for another six month, or so, period. Parked in the front yard of Nell and Matts it will be nice to be able to get back to doing some work around the yard, and there is plenty to do. It must have been one very good growing season for grass and whatever because there is more grass growth this year than I have seen before. I have rethreaded the whipper snipper with a long string for a lot of use, and if Matt has plenty of fuel in the shed I will have plenty of work to do. This won’t start soon though as I have plans for the next four or five days, but it won’t go anywhere.

Tomorrows plans have already gone haywire, we were to go to Port Melbourne to visit Matt, Lou and family, but one of the kids has an illness that we don’t want to bring home to Nell’s kids, especially the baby, so that visit will have to wait until next week.


Wednesday 23rd October 2013, Narrandera.

This is it: Our final stop before reaching Melbourne. We are now at Narrandera at the same old caravan park as we normally stop at, after saying on previous trips that we should check out the other one sometime. After having a look at reviews, and checking on prices we keep coming back here. Another 360K on Friday will see us in Heathcote Junction.

After all the rave reviews I have been giving my satellite STB recently I thought it may have totally failed yesterday. I went to turn the unit on and it just wouldn’t turn on, I also noted there was no info on the screen on the unit. It would not turn on from the remote or the unit itself, so considering it had totally locked up I turned it off at the power point to give it a total restart. When it refired it started a data download, so I guess this was the reason it locked up. When the download completed all was OK and working well.

Peak Hill.

Monday 21st October 2013, Peak Hill.

We packed up and moved again this morning and are now at Peak Hill, only two more legs left till we reach Melbourne. We are now looking at weather forecasts and are not liking what we are seeing: it appears that the forecast for Heathcote Junction for when we arrive is going to be cooler during the day that we have been getting during the evening for the past however long, that is going to be hard to take, but we will just have to suffer it.

I finally got our VAST TV card reactivated, and it couldn’t have been easier, but in the process I found a small problem with the satellite STB with changing to daylight saving time. When the card reactivated the TV programs started playing at the correct time but the time on the STB was still as per Queensland, hence the Programme Guide was all wrong anyway. I tried to fix the problem but there was no entry in the menu system to rectify the district settings, so I rang Humax, the manufacturer. The remedy was as simple as giving the STB a factory reset, would you believe, as this is the only way to change the district, or state, settings, and it did fix the problem. There are going to be a lot of disgruntled travellers out there with this problem one day with not much of an idea of what to do.


Saturday 19th October 2013, Narrabri.

Another move takes us to Narrabri, NSW, and a bit over 300 Km from where we were. We have been here several times before and will probably stop here every time we come through as this would have to be one of our favourite towns on the Newel Highway, for what reason I don’t really know, but it just is.

It is rather busy in town this weekend as there are a couple of well-known artists performing in town, not really my interest, hence I’ve forgotten who they are, Linda just tells me it is Kate Ceberano and David Campbell, Darryl Braithwaite and Collect five. Then the CMCA club Rally has invaded the town as well, probably for that reason. The caravan park is absolutely full, well they did have enough room for us, and the freebie over by the river is chock-a-block full as well. Never mind we are just here to relax anyway.

I did make a minor slip up before coming here: I should have changed our satellite card activation for NSW or Vic yesterday, because I can’t do it now due to being a weekend, so now we will have to put up with TV being an hour late, or put up with the TV on local reception.

Lake Coolmunda.

Thursday 17th October 2013, Lake Coolmunda.

It is nice to be back on the road again. We made a trip of about 340Km to Lake Coolmunda, near Inglewood QLD. The trip took us via Ipswich and Warwick. Then half way from Warwick to Goondiwindi along the Cunningham Highway is the small town of Inglewood. Just before Inglewood is Lake Coolmunda, and on the entrance road to the lake, about 200 yards from the highway is the caravan park we are staying at. We will be here for two days having a good rest and a look around the lake.