Monday 3rd June 2013, Beachmere.

I am reasonably happy with the car and its performance now that all things seem to be sorted.

Linda’s sister and her hubby ‘Freckles’ are visiting with us at the moment, they have had a van for a while and have decided that it would be a good idea to head up north for some warmer weather. They are appreciating it already. Freckles is a pretty good home mechanic and he has been telling me about another problem with diesel engine vehicles nowadays associated with the EGR valve that I just had replaced. They have a heat transfer unit associated with the EGR valve and if it fails it can be catastrophic to the engine with water getting into the air intake, or exhaust gasses getting into the coolant. It seems that it is recommended to replace this heat exchange unit regularly, so I had another visit to the Ford dealer today to have a discussion about this unit. It turns out that the unit was replaced as part of the valve replacement just done, so now I can rest knowing that it has been done, and it will be another job done at regular intervals in future.

With Sandra and Freckles as company to share costs we visited Bribie Island yesterday with the idea of driving in the national park. We have on previous occasions not done the trip because of the cost of the park entry, so yesterday we decided it would be worth it. I got to use our vehicle, as theirs has only two seats, and it was the first time, basically, that I have had the chance to do some driving in long stretches of very loose sand, and I did enjoy it. I didn’t do the normal thing of letting the tyres down because I would have had to pump them up again, and we decided that if we got into trouble we could let them down then. It did turn out that we had no problems driving in the sand so long as we kept up momentum.