Wednesday 15th May 2013, Millmerran.

A second trip without a day’s rest sees us at Millmerran, half way between Goondiwindi and Toowoomba, and I don’t appear to be any worse for wear, but then the trip yesterday and the one today were not extremely long trips. We are now only one more trip from Beachmere, about 260K, so I don’t think I will worry about not having a rest again, we are after all resting now for the remainder of the day.

Another small incident today when a semi-trailer passed us. I had been talking to the driver assisting with him getting past, and when he had passed he told me that there was something flapping on the van roof near the air conditioner. I stopped and had a look but could not find anything. When another semi approached I specifically asked him to have a closer look when he passed, and he did inform me that the air con cover seemed to be flapping. When the next rest area came I pulled in to have a good look, I removed the large ladder from the roof so I could get a closer look and decided that if anything was wrong the whole air-con unit was loose and flexing more than usual on the flimsy roof. I then went inside and began dismantling the air from inside and did find the mounting, tightening, screws were a little loose, so tightened them. This did firm up the entire unit but it did still move a little, so I decided that it was doing nothing more than it had been doing for quite a while but nobody noticed the small movement. It will stay like this now until we arrive at Beachmere, and then I will have a better look.