Coonabarabran, Still.

Friday 10th May 2013, Coonabarabran.

There are more woes with the vehicle. It was much hoped that the car would be ready today so we could head off tomorrow, but a small incident this afternoon saw a delay of three hours in the repair, so the end result was that they could not complete the repairs by knock off time, and they are not open on the weekend, so it is now wait until they can complete the job on Monday. The small incident was the dropping of a small ‘pin’ in the engine, and it had to be found before continuing, it was supposedly one of the very last things that had to be done before job completion. It really has not been one of my better weeks this week. One thing that may help, one day, is the manager at the workshop has agreed to undertake a claim for me against Ford for recompense for damages caused by the obviously faulty part. Whether this will be fruitful is probably doubtful but one can only try. I guess we have no option now but to go and pay for another three days stay here and continue waiting.