Coonabarabran, Out of here tomorrow.

Monday 13th May 2013, Coonabarabran.

We now have the car back and can make a move from here tomorrow. The repairs were rather expensive, but that happens, and the car does seem to be going exceptionally well with the short test run I gave it, tomorrow will tell. I am reasonably happy with the end result with the mechanics, but then with the amount of money I spent there one would expect a bit better service. They did provide good service, such as the rental vehicle was provided by them and it was provided on the basis that it was ours until we got our car back at a charge of only what RAC covered, we had it for 9 days. The report on the repairs and other things I asked them to do was very extensive and much more informative than any other from anybody else, so I guess if I had to I would recommend them.

I now have the car repacked and ready for a hitch up and move tomorrow so we can get to Beachmere later this week. It is raining at the moment, and forecast for tonight, so it is hopeful that tonight will be another night not being as cold as it has been, then we will be in warmer areas.