Beachmere, after car problem and repairs.

Saturday 25th May 2013, Beachmere.

More stories about the car: Monday just gone I found that the radiator coolant bottle was nearly empty, removing the radiator cap showed the radiator was not full either, I was a bit peeved that something as a result of the head replacement might have gone wrong. I then topped the system up with water, it only took a little over a litre, and until this morning it did not seem to use any at all, but this morning it was down a little again. The local mechanics tell me that after draining and refilling the cooling system it can develop some air locks, so let’s hope that this is all it is.

Tuesday and Wednesday it rained some and we ended up with a flood of water in the foot well on the passenger front. I spent some time drying the floor and after having the car in for work to be done, more on that later, I was given a couple of hints as to what they think could have happened. The outer door seal rubber had something wrong at the front end and it was indicated that this could have diverted the water to where not wanted. This was not a likely cause as the problem would have been created when I had the new windscreen replaced early this year, and we would have had the problem earlier surely. I consider the leak problem would have to have been created possibly by the mechanics during the head replacement, but what exactly. Anyway I compared the door seal with the one on the other side and it was exactly the same, and I then discovered they just weren’t re-installed correctly by inserting the bottom piece correctly, one job fixed anyway. This morning I poured some water over the front of the car to hopefully see where the leak was happening and when I searched with my hand underneath the dash I noticed a drain hose from the heater ducting was off, and this seemed the most likely place the water would have come from so it was replaced, hopefully another problem fixed. It seems to me that considering the drain hose goes through the fire wall immediately below the heater water hose, one that would have to be removed during the head replacement, that the mechanics must have disturbed and disconnected the hose inadvertently in the removal process.

After having the head replaced at Coonabarabran we still had a problem with the engine warning light still being on, and I decided to leave that until we arrived at Beachmere, the EGR valve needed replacing, according to the computer print, this would save us waiting a few days for the part to turn up. Friday the car was put in for that job, rather expensive job to be done as well, the valve must be made out of gold. At this stage consider that the part has supposedly failed at the same time as the head replacement and I could not get an explanation that the problems were related, so my thinking was that maybe the mechanics at Coona had done something else to cause this problem, especially seeing that they tried cleaning the valve but the error message kept coming back. I tried to explain this to the local mechanics so they might not replace a $200.00 part when not necessary, but I think to no avail as the computer was telling them to replace the valve. Job done, all appeared ok, I paid, I started to drive home, I get a couple of K’s down the road and the light comes on again. Back to the workshop and after they look again and see the same error code again they do something to remove it and say it is all ok, I drive home and 1K down the road the light comes on again. Back to the workshop and analysis says the same device but an open circuit alarm lead. This is what I tried to tell them. More test and they say again all is ok, I drive home, 1K down the road and the light is on again, back to the workshop. This time the error message tells them a hose is loose on the engine cover, and so it was. It was placed back on and until now the light has stayed out, what sort of error analysis system do they run on these cars?

Hopefully now everything is back to working normally and we don’t have any more problems, it has been a very hectic and hair pulling week though.