Saturday 16th March 2013, Kilmore.

Here we are a month since the last report. I had a treat yesterday with an invite to the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix with access to a Corporate stand on corner three. I have been a reasonably avid follower of F1, but only on TV as I am not avid enough to pay the prices asked to attend the race ground. When I was invited to attend yesterday I jumped at the chance, even though it was only a practice day, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I now have a better perception of things like how loud these cars actually are, the speed they actually do etc. Being in the Corporate stall, in my opinion, is the only way to see the action as one gets to see the cars in the slower portions of the track and appreciate it more, but somebody pays for what you get I guess. We later in the day moved up to what also looked like another popular spot to watch the races, next to the pit row exit, but this was not my scene as the cars went past that fast that one could not identify the cars as they did go past. At least now I can say I have been to an F1 race, and been fortunate enough to be in a Corporate stand, so now it is go home and watch the rest of the weekend on TV.