Beachmere, About to depart.

Monday 22nd October 2012, Beachmere.

Full on rush mode has started already with us having made the decision to depart for southern areas on Friday. Today is the last full free day I have until Thursday as I now have two days work at the museum, and then on Thursday we will be packing up for the move. We are thinking that we have left our move a little late as it is starting to warm up here substantially and we are thinking that we are just not used to it. One would think a little different after us spending last year in Darwin, but we said then that what we found hard to come to grips with was the consistency of the warmth, and that is also what it seems to be like here as well at this time of the year. We are planning on taking about eight days to get to Melbourne and arrive on the weekend of 3-4 November. I have also been a little busy the last few days with TV repairs, not with others but with our own system. It was well demonstrated to me how difficult it can be finding faults with digital reception, it just seems much more difficult to locate a problem than with the analogue system, especially when there is more than one fault, or at least when the new replacement part is also faulty. All is good now and the new STB I bought seems to have a super sensitive tuner, which could be a bonus.