Beachmere, Mt Beerburrum walk.

Monday 6th August 2012, Beachmere.

I am tonight feeling rather happy with myself, and my current fitness, after the walk we did today. Tomorrow will reveal how Linda handled it though, poor thing is still not back to full fitness with her recent setbacks with health. We went for a drive to Beerwah, where we were staying before Beachmere, to return a couple of library books Linda still had out from there, and decided that while we were out we should do a little bush walk. I reminded Linda that I had been to Mt Beerburrum for a look while she was back home, but didn’t do the walk because it was still wet at the time and the walk was very steep, so the decision was made to do that one. Steep wasn’t the word that should have been used, it should have been sheer, as I reckon the gradient was nearly 1 in 1, meaning climbing nearly one meter for every meter walked, or almost 45 degrees incline. Either way you look at it the angle of climb was very consistent for the duration of the 700 meter walk and as little as a couple of years ago I doubt very much whether I would have been able to make it without suffering badly afterwards, but after a short rest upon completion I almost felt as though I had not done the walk at all. Anyway after also having a look at Glasshouse Mt lookout we have come to the conclusion that the area would have to be one of the most picturesque of its type around.

By the way the scenery from the top of Mt Beerburrum was certainly worth the climb.