Friday 24th August 2012.

I noticed an oil leak under the truck today and decided that it must have started since the service I recently had. Being a service where all oils were changed I consider it was too much of a coincidence that it just started so I went back to the dealer to have it looked at. It turned out that they were rather good about it and had a look at it there and then while I waited. According them it was only residue oil spilled, or whatever, during the service, so they degreased the area and made sure all bolts were tight. I guess for a while now I will have to keep an eye on it to make sure, hopefully, that it was the problem.

We were going for a drive today to visit friends again at Maroochydore before they leave soon for home, but after ringing them yesterday they recommended that we don’t bother because they are both ill. They will let us know what is happening and when it will be likely for us to catch up with them.

Weather is now starting to warm up, last night was a warm one, and a walk along the beach a short while ago made me comment that “Being that warm today, what is it going to be like on the beach closer to summer?” It does make it a lot better when one doesn’t have to worry about putting on long trousers of a night time because it is too cold.