Friday 24th August 2012.

I noticed an oil leak under the truck today and decided that it must have started since the service I recently had. Being a service where all oils were changed I consider it was too much of a coincidence that it just started so I went back to the dealer to have it looked at. It turned out that they were rather good about it and had a look at it there and then while I waited. According them it was only residue oil spilled, or whatever, during the service, so they degreased the area and made sure all bolts were tight. I guess for a while now I will have to keep an eye on it to make sure, hopefully, that it was the problem.

We were going for a drive today to visit friends again at Maroochydore before they leave soon for home, but after ringing them yesterday they recommended that we don’t bother because they are both ill. They will let us know what is happening and when it will be likely for us to catch up with them.

Weather is now starting to warm up, last night was a warm one, and a walk along the beach a short while ago made me comment that “Being that warm today, what is it going to be like on the beach closer to summer?” It does make it a lot better when one doesn’t have to worry about putting on long trousers of a night time because it is too cold.

Beachmere, Mount Mee.

Saturday 18th August 2012, Beachmere.

We thought we had better have a touristy look around today and went to North Daguilar National Park. There were several short bushwalks to do, and most of the roads are suitable only for four wheel drive, so it was an interesting day.

One of the walks was through a local forest and I did notice something different to what we have seen in other forest walks: trees, yes trees, but these were extremely tall and straight. They would be perfect for saw milling, and it would be obvious that this was the activity that took place here before it was made a National Park.

I did make the mistake of not refuelling before we left on this drive, thinking that we had plenty, and spent most of the day regretting it because of the 4 wheel drive roads in the area. I would have like to do much more than we did, seeing that it obviously wasn’t too rough for Linda, but I spent too much time worrying about running out of fuel in the event of getting lost. It was a situation that one could have gotten lost, in a small way only, but it wasn’t worth the risk. We decided that we would return one day as there is more to see than we did today, and I will have a full fuel tank.


Monday 13th August 2012, Beachmere.

We had another trip to Maroochydore today, another meaning we haven’t been for quite a few weeks, for the reason of visiting old friends and do some shopping as it is a public holiday at Beachmere today. It was enlightening, in my sarcastic sort of way, to see quite a few vacant sites at the caravan park we used to stay at, as a result of the price going sky high and out of the range of the average Joe Blow like us and a lot less people are coming to stay there for the winter period. It was said by a couple of friends that after another price rise this year there will be even less coming up next year. Most southerners are now starting to leave and go back home, so we must return in a week or so to catch up with a couple of them before they do leave. We have made a decision that we will be back here at Beachmere next year and given the fact that I have been telling everyone about this park I took it upon myself to pre book our site for next year in case they all decide to come here instead.

Beachmere, Mt Beerburrum walk.

Monday 6th August 2012, Beachmere.

I am tonight feeling rather happy with myself, and my current fitness, after the walk we did today. Tomorrow will reveal how Linda handled it though, poor thing is still not back to full fitness with her recent setbacks with health. We went for a drive to Beerwah, where we were staying before Beachmere, to return a couple of library books Linda still had out from there, and decided that while we were out we should do a little bush walk. I reminded Linda that I had been to Mt Beerburrum for a look while she was back home, but didn’t do the walk because it was still wet at the time and the walk was very steep, so the decision was made to do that one. Steep wasn’t the word that should have been used, it should have been sheer, as I reckon the gradient was nearly 1 in 1, meaning climbing nearly one meter for every meter walked, or almost 45 degrees incline. Either way you look at it the angle of climb was very consistent for the duration of the 700 meter walk and as little as a couple of years ago I doubt very much whether I would have been able to make it without suffering badly afterwards, but after a short rest upon completion I almost felt as though I had not done the walk at all. Anyway after also having a look at Glasshouse Mt lookout we have come to the conclusion that the area would have to be one of the most picturesque of its type around.

By the way the scenery from the top of Mt Beerburrum was certainly worth the climb.