Beachmere, on my own again.

Friday 6th July 2012, Beachmere.

I have just had a friendly jolt from friends that I haven’t been keeping this web site up to date enough, and that inspires me to knowing there is someone regularly reading it. I have been rather busy over the past few days organising several things so haven’t given a thought to an update.

I haven’t yet reported that Linda has flown back to Melbourne for a week for a combination Grandkid fix, and doctors visit, so I am here on my own once again. She left on Monday and will be back on Tuesday next week, which turns out to be horrible timing as it was Ken and Val from Tassie that paid me a surprise visit this morning, knowing where we were from these reports, and have now missed meeting Linda. It turns out they will only be in the area, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast, until Wednesday so Linda will unfortunately miss them. I may have started something with telling people about Beachmere and this caravan park as Ken and Val were very impressed with first impressions of the area, and I am not surprised, so we may have started other people thinking of coming here, and it is only a small park. We also have others planning on visiting as well, and they may even end up with the same ideas.