Saturday 14th July 2012, Beachmere.

I have done it again, forgotten to make an entry when it should be appropriate, sorry ‘Hoss’.

Linda has once again returned from Melbourne, been back for several days now.

We went for a drive today to check out a couple of towns and caravan parks, because if we are here at Beachmere for too long we will be required to move out for a week if we wish to return. This is quite common with a lot of caravan parks nowadays, especially council owned parks. There are several other parks advertised in the laundry here so we decided to check them out and wouldn’t you know it, they are all owned by the local council. One in particular is Toombul, north of here by a few kilometres, but 30 odd to get there, and is quite a nice small town and caravan park. We could quite easily spend some time there, bearing in mind shopping is a little sparse there, but it is only 20K odd to Caboolture.