Narrandera, NSW.

Saturday 5th May 2012, Narrandera NSW.

The first day of travel for the year is over. I have arrived at Narrandera, about 400K from Melbourne, and will be here for 2 days. On the way I considered why I would want to stop for two days at each place I do stop, and came up with the thought that at Narrandera at least I had better stay at least two days and get myself settled into the van considering I am on my own.

I have a couple of maintenance things to do tomorrow that got overlooked when repairs to the Emu damage was made to the van last year. A new pole carrying pipe was fitted to the back bumper of the van, one a bit larger than the old one, and now the satellite dish will not fit on the back of the van. All that will be necessary will be to slide the rear bumper out an inch or so and problem should be solved.