Heathcote Junction, the final day.

Friday 4th May 2012, Heathcote Junction.

Here we are packed and ready to get on the road again, and the pack up seemed a little harder than usual this time I guess because we have been sitting for six months, about the longest we have stayed in one place since we headed off eleven and a half years ago. It was almost as if we had settled in for good, well it almost felt that way anyway. Our travels will be of a different nature this time as we are only going to the Sunshine Coast for about six months and then return to Melbourne. It will be a reasonably quick trip north this time as well, Linda will stay here for a further few weeks to do a couple of things she is committed to, so I will be looking at taking about eight days to get there. This may seem to be rather slow to the average person but it is much quicker than we would prefer as we would normally look at six weeks or so. I am sort of committed to get there rather quickly to meet the requirements of Centrelink if I wish to continue receiving payment.