Heathcote Junction, only a couple of days.

Tuesday 1st May 2012, Heathcote Junction.

Only a couple of days now till I leave for the Sunshine Coast, hopefully! One of the first things for preparation to leave was to put water in the tank, and all went wrong: I forgot it was filling and it overflowed, quite a lot, and when this happens pressure builds up in the system as the mains is forcing water into the tank, and the filler on the side of the caravan decided it had put up with enough and separated itself. The obvious result of this was to flood the caravan, so we are now going through the process of drying out for departure. I did go to purchase another filler fitting but the only unit available was different than the original so I decided to leave the replacement until I get to Queensland so the problems that may occur fitting the new device will be more easily overcome. It will be my last day of volunteer work at the museum tomorrow for the next six months so now it will be getting accepted at the museum at Brisbane when I get there.

My choice of route of travel is still a little debatable as I had originally chosen to go via the coast, but then there was a chance of meeting up with K and A if I went inland so I changed my mind, now I will miss them so I am thinking of the coast route again, although I reckon the inland route will win. It is a little shorter inland, and the towns are more familiar, and it will be cheaper inland.