Thursday 10th May 2012, Goondiwindi.

Almost 10:00 AM and I am washed, fed and cleaned up, sitting back wondering what I am going to do with myself for the rest of the day. My first thought other than that was “Why am I sitting here for the day doing nothing?” when the long trip yesterday hasn’t played too much havoc with me and my tiredness and such. Then I think, “That’s what the days rest is for!”, and has obviously done its job so far on this trip as I have not had any two days consecutive travel and my wellbeing is telling me it has worked, so that is the answer to that earlier question. All I have to do now is refuel the car, go into town and have a walk around, and then just sit and relax. I have put my sign out the back advertising help with TV so that may give me something to do later, but I won’t count any chickens.