Beerwah, Getting organised.

Thursday 17th May 2012. Beerwah.

I just about have everything organised that I need to for our stay here for this year. I have given all details of what I intend doing to Centrelink and everything is finalised with them at this stage, and it turned out there were no dramas at all in moving up here for the colder months, as I thought there wouldn’t be. Voluntary work has been organised, in fact I have put in a day there already, and have had a key issued to me already so I can go in any day I wish, they only work on Wednesdays at this museum, so when I work out exactly what is required of me I can now go in whenever I want. I must come up with a little better travel arrangements to the museum though as on Wednesday return trip home I found that the busses were very unreliable which is extremely unsatisfactory, as catching the right train home is imperative. I also had a doctor’s visit to organise a couple of things like Flu-vac, blood tests and a script renewal, so overall I think I can say I am now organised. Now that I have had a couple of trips to Maroochydore it seems a little closer than it originally did so it is not going to be a drama going in there whenever we want, and that will please Linda.