Heathcote Junction, A rest day.

Sunday 29th January 2012, Heathcote Junction.

Again it has been a while with not a lot being different since last report. I have now reasonably established myself with voluntary work at the museum and am enjoying what I am doing. I have been given some rather unattractive tasks to perform, and after starting them I can see why nobody else has completed these tasks. Normally, I suppose, if one is doing voluntary work the tasks performed would be reasonably selective, otherwise they would not be attracted to doing so, but with me one could consider that I am being paid, in a fashion, so my selectivity levels would be a lot less. I am so far enjoying what I am doing as it is a challenge of sort that I have become unfamiliar with, and also knowing that when other tasks arise I could temporarily leave what I am doing and have a change. An example is: they have a crossbar 511M exchange in situ at the museum, but it is not in very good nick, being one used in the labs, and they have found another good one out in the country they intend replacing it with, so I would then love to assist with the installation of it.

With these couple of days work per week, and the others that I have been spending at Nelle and Matt’s doing some landscaping, to cover our board, my body is telling me that it has all caught up with me so today is to be a total relaxation day, and will be.

Linda has been grand-child sitting a fair bit lately and will be until they return to school, so it is also starting to catch up with her as well, hence she is enjoying a rest day too.