Port Melbourne, House-sitting.

Tuesday 27th December 2011, Port Melbourne.

If you are wondering about the Port Melbourne location we are house-sitting for son Matthew while they are on holiday back in Tassie. They have gone over for three weeks and we were to stay here to look after the animals, then they took the dog with them, there is still the bird to drive us mad though.

Yes Xmas is over, and as usual it was another rather hectic one, and we now have the New year to look forward to which should be a quiet one for us being in Port Melbourne. Son Adrian is over here from Tassie for a week and staying with us at Matt’s and will be going home on New years day, so he will be here to see in the new year with us, if we decide to sit up that late.

Another reason for coming over to Matt’s for a while is to do some repair work on some push bikes that the kids were given, so that should keep me busy for a while. I now have a choice of which bike I do up first so I can ride it myself as there are some quite good tracks around here along the shoreline of the bay.