Kilmore, still.

Monday 29th November 2011, Kilmore.

Most all has been finalised with Centrelink now and I am finally receiving a payment to help with our income. What is left to do is to organise the volunteer work, with one of the requirements, for one my age, being to do voluntary work instead of looking for a job. I have an organisation in mind, that I am sure I have mentioned, being a Telecommunications museum in Hawthorn that houses working models of most of the telephone exchanges that I spent my working career installing, and they will all need maintenance, right up my alley. We will see tomorrow anyway, as I have an appointment with the museum first of all to see if I am to suit their requirements, and likewise mine, and we will take it from there.

The driveway at Narrelle and Matt’s is not ready yet, has been a bit wet, so we are still at Kilmore and look like being here for most of the next week.