Thursday 3rd November 2011, Dubbo.

Where has the year gone, here it is November already. We have now moved to Dubbo, about four more stops till Melbourne, and had only intended being here for four days, but I had a look at the weather forecast and Sunday through Wednesday don’t look too conducive to moving so we will see what happens.

We have been to Dubbo before, about:- I just had a look through my records and it was way back in 2001, ten years ago! We have been deliberately avoiding the place ever since, apart from travelling through, after hearing stories about problem indigenous people being moved here from other areas and hence it was no longer a nice place to stay. These were only stories and I have no idea what truth was in them so we decided to stop again now and find out. As of yet it doesn’t seem any different than last time we were here, the caravan park is even still a reasonable price compared to what we have had to put up with of late, I do get the feeling I am going to enjoy our stay here. I have even put my sign out the front advertising TV help.