Kilmore, still.

Monday 29th November 2011, Kilmore.

Most all has been finalised with Centrelink now and I am finally receiving a payment to help with our income. What is left to do is to organise the volunteer work, with one of the requirements, for one my age, being to do voluntary work instead of looking for a job. I have an organisation in mind, that I am sure I have mentioned, being a Telecommunications museum in Hawthorn that houses working models of most of the telephone exchanges that I spent my working career installing, and they will all need maintenance, right up my alley. We will see tomorrow anyway, as I have an appointment with the museum first of all to see if I am to suit their requirements, and likewise mine, and we will take it from there.

The driveway at Narrelle and Matt’s is not ready yet, has been a bit wet, so we are still at Kilmore and look like being here for most of the next week.

Kilmore, Melbourne region for the duration.

Wednesday 23rd November 2011, Kilmore.

We are now in the Melbourne area, being at Kilmore. We will be here for a week or so until we can get the repairs on the caravan started, then we will move into Narrelle’s house until the repairs are done, and by then the driveway should be ready for us to move the caravan onto, and with matt and Narrelle’s permission we hope to be there for a while.

I will from now on continue the process of the new start claim from Centrelink and hopefully that will go as anticipated to supplement our income. I have organised a place for me to do voluntary work, the requirement of Centrelink, and I can’t see any reason why that will not eventuate. All we can do now is follow procedures for all our tasks and see what eventuates.

An added bonus at Kilmore caravan park since being here last is the TV has been cabled to all sites so good reception is available. The turning off of the analogue TV signal in may this year has seen poor reception here so it is good to see the park has undertaken to see everyone gets good reception, and no need for me to use my VAST satellite system.


Tuesday 22nd November 2011, Shepparton.

The time has finally come that I hoped would not occur for a fair while yet, I am not sure that it has sunk in yet. Tomorrow will see us in the northern Melbourne area for what could be a fair while. At this stage I don’t know how many reports I will be posting in future, but I will keep it up with what I consider is worthwhile, so do keep tuned. For those that use this site for TV information nothing will change, I do intend keeping all information as up to date as is possible.


Wednesday 16th November 2011, Shepparton.

Our last leg before we move on to Melbourne, and a sad day it is. As most people are aware, people like us who have been relying on Superannuation have had a hard time lately, and we are included among them, so I have had to make a phone call to Centrelink to make a claim for New-start allowance and it is starting to look like we will have to settle in Melbourne, or somewhere nearby, for quite a spell. We now have a process to go through so it is wait and see what the result will be. In the mean time I guess I will treat this week at Shepparton as possibly my last free time for a while.


Monday 14th November 2011, Narrandera.

Back in Narrandera for another visit, we have been through here on several occasions and stopped here back in 2002, gee was that actually 9 years ago, I think I am just starting to realise how long we have been on the road. We only intend being here for a couple of days for a rest as it was too far to go on, and our next planned stop will be Shepparton, then into Melbourne. The caravan park here seems so much nicer than it was last time we were here, just seems a lot neater and greener, then they have been through a few owners since then I believe, and new owners do seem to add a bit to parks when they take over.

Forbes, and liking it.

Friday 11th November 2011, Forbes.

We had obviously forgotten how nice a place Forbes is, or we didn’t have much of a look around when here last. It was not a hard decision to extend our stay here for the week, in fact we are now mentioning, jokingly I think, that we ought to stay a little longer. This is the place, depending on how cold it gets in winter, and it would get cool, that I would consider settling down if and when we decide to settle. We have now put up our awning walls as they have not been up for the best part of al this year, and I need to check it out before I put it in for repair at Shepparton. Yes I have known all year that it needs repairs and have left it until now, we are going to need it when we get to Melbourne so now is the time to do something about it.

Forbes, Amendment.

Monday 7th November 2011, Forbes. Amendment.

When Linda got back from our town walk, yes we went our separate ways with different ideas of doing things, we sat and discussed a couple of things and determined that she doesn’t have to be in Melbourne until the 27th, so we are going to stay here for a week after all.


Monday 7th November 2011, Forbes.

We are now at Forbes, near Parkes, and are looking at only staying here for a couple of days. We were originally going to stop for a week but something has come up that makes Linda want to be in Melbourne by the end of the month. Grand-daughter has a concert on, or about, the 20th and she would like to be there to watch. A call to Nelle to advise when we may be arriving reveals that our parking spot may not yet be ready so it looks like being in Shepparton around the time Linda wants to be at the concert so she could at least catch a train to Melbourne for a couple of days. We only got here a couple of hours ago, and we have already had a walk into town which has only made me realise how nice a small town this is and how I would have liked to stop for a week, but there is always another time. The caravan park here, the Country Club Caravan Park, is such a neat park, quite cheap and under used from the amount of vans here, which I find quite surprising. So far I can’t think of a thing wrong with the park, management even seem to think they remember us from when we were here a couple of years ago, I wouldn’t know why.


Saturday 5th November 2011, Dubbo.

It seems that we may have gotten to Dubbo in the nick of time, the water inlet on the side of the van failed again for the second time since we have had the van, maybe 5 years is the life expectancy of some parts. I don’t think it was wear in this case though rather than corrosion. The screw adapter part has a copper expanded sleeve on the unit to allow a seal as well as allowing the inlet to turn to screw on the hose, and it was this copper sleeve that was damaged. The first time, as I recall, it was wear that rendered the unit useless, and I also think it lasted a bit more than 5 years, so this one lasted less time than the first. I just had a look through my memoirs and it revealed that the first one was replaced in 2007, so this means the first one lasted 8 years and the second only 4, big difference eh! Maybe the past 4 years of water passing through the van has been a bit more corrosive that previously, could also explain why both Linda and I have, for the same time period, had tummy problems on many occasions with water being the suspect. Being in Dubbo has also given us access to all that other shopping that we have come to rely on such as Bunnings and Big W etc. so we have both now had our fair share of retail therapy


Thursday 3rd November 2011, Dubbo.

Where has the year gone, here it is November already. We have now moved to Dubbo, about four more stops till Melbourne, and had only intended being here for four days, but I had a look at the weather forecast and Sunday through Wednesday don’t look too conducive to moving so we will see what happens.

We have been to Dubbo before, about:- I just had a look through my records and it was way back in 2001, ten years ago! We have been deliberately avoiding the place ever since, apart from travelling through, after hearing stories about problem indigenous people being moved here from other areas and hence it was no longer a nice place to stay. These were only stories and I have no idea what truth was in them so we decided to stop again now and find out. As of yet it doesn’t seem any different than last time we were here, the caravan park is even still a reasonable price compared to what we have had to put up with of late, I do get the feeling I am going to enjoy our stay here. I have even put my sign out the front advertising TV help.