Monday 17th October 2011, Charleville.

A reasonably long trip of 300K plus today took us to Charleville, and we once again had a reminder of how bad the roads are in outback Queensland, they would have to be the worst in Australia. I don’t know whether they are built like this or deteriorate to what they are today, but the bitumen on the road looks in perfect good condition but sometimes it is as if we are travelling on a corrugated gravel road with bitumen on top, then it is as if we are on a BMX track with both the car and caravan getting air-born after hitting the humps that you can’t see until it is too late, and there are no warnings. We survived the roads a couple of times before, and seem to have survived them once more, although we have more to come, so if we chose to travel this way we will just have to take it as it comes I guess.

We have been in Charleville before and may have seen most to be seen so this could be another relaxing week that we find not hard to take at all.