Bourke, NSW.

Tuesday 25th October 2011, Bourke.

We have started the NSW section of our journey with an incident on our way this morning. We have both commented since leaving Mount Isa on how much road kill there was on this trip, I guess it must be all the feed after the big wets last year, and we finally added our little bit to the count. An Emu was the culprit today after attempting to run across the road to join his mates after I obviously startled it on our arrival, trying to cross between the car and caravan he didn’t make it. The caravan suffered some damage but the extent will only be known when we arrive in Melbourne and follow up on repairs as it is mostly in the structure hidden under the surface. Hopefully we are still water proof and last until we do get to Melbourne. It has been eleven years now since we started travelling, and apart from a Kangaroo I hit near Cooktown in far north Queensland, it is the first of this kind of incident involving the caravan, so I now guess there is no Australian emblems left.

I am also quite impressed with this new VAST TV system that we have been using all year with a possible problem arising today with the change in time zones leaving Queensland and coming to NSW. It is possible to change the cards activation on-line but it all had to do with timing so we could watch Qld. times last night and NSW tonight. Knowing that the reactivation would not happen until the following day by manual means I filled out the on-line form and submitted it last night so when we arrived today all I had to do, hopefully, was to re-hit my card with another online request and Bingo, it all worked, now with NSW channels at their time zone, modern technology, amazing.