Barcaldine, second visit.

Saturday 8th October 2011, Barcaldine.

We are now at Barcaldine, 100K SE of Longreach and will be here for a week. I didn’t make any reports from Longreach because we didn’t intend doing anything while there. The main reason for this is that when we were in Longreach last time we didn’t like the place, so if it hadn’t been for the fact that we had things to do there we wouldn’t have stopped, but, it turns out that last time must have just been a bad experience, and we have learned that we can have them. The fact that we had been in the outback for a while and had had enough of the vast flat lands that were probably in drought anyway, then arrived in Longreach to find the caravan park was large un-grassed and dusty was probably the last straw. It turns out now though that we quite liked the area, although the caravan park was still all gravel, so we just enjoyed the few days there relaxing, we do find that easy enough to do.

Barcaldine: Linda has been studying the things to do here and has found several walks on offer, and as this is what we look for we are looking forward to our week long visit here, after watching Bathurst tomorrow anyway. We have arrived here a little late though, as the parks have a ‘happy hour’ each evening with Billy tea and damper, but only in peak season which finished last week, what a bummer.