Barcaldine, in the heat.

Tuesday 11th October 2011, Barcaldine.

I mentioned in the last report that there looked like a fair bit of walking to do in the area, this has proved not to be the case as we thought. We did pick the furthest caravan park from town so this in itself will give us some walking to do, but some of the other walks turned out to be basically non-events, but with the distance into town and a walk we did find along a billabong via a detour to town will have to suffice our needs, if we can survive the heat. Yes the heat:- We, or especially Linda, are finding the heat a bit hard to handle, it being around the low 30’s in the middle of the day, but it is a different dry heat and it is certainly knocking Linda around on her walks back from town. I guess we will just have to get used to it, or spend the hottest parts of the day inside in the air-con.

The only thing we have noticed a big change in since being here last is the Tree of Knowledge in the middle of town. The tree is a monument to the formation of the labour union movement, and Labour political party back in 1891, and Back in 2002 when we were last here the tree was rather flourishing, as well as the average tree would anyway, but in the meantime somebody with some warped idea has come along and poisoned it. Now it is totally dead, but the locals have taken steps to preserve it, and its heritage by treating the tree along with the roots, after obviously digging the entire thing out of the ground, and built it into a gigantic monument type structure, quite impressive actually.