Saturday 10th September 2011, Cloncurry.

By the way for the sharp eyed readers the date on the last report should have been Wednesday 7th not the 9th.

We have now moved to Cloncurry about 120K east of Mount Isa. We have been here before and this time we are going to have another relaxing time of two weeks plus because we can’t get into our next destination, Winton, due to a festival and all caravan parks are booked out.

Our time at Mount Isa was well spent familiarising ourselves with the place as it will be probably our last visit, and a lengthy stay like that is what one needs to imbed images of the city into ones mind to remain for a long time.

The trip here this morning was another eye opener with the scenery being so much different than what we have been used to, being rough and craggy instead of flat and barren. We can’t remember the scenery being like this on the last time through but we reckon it is because the area is so thick with green lush vegetation now where it would have been a bit dry on our last visit, it does make for a much more enjoyable trip. We were going to have a night over in a rest area half way here but unfortunately it is a little cool at the moment with a cold southerly wind, just to make it a miserable camping out evening, and when we reached the rest area nobody else was there, which I generally take as not being a good sign for stopping. There would normally be someone camping as some people stop for more than one day, so we decided that as Linda was not feeling absolutely top of the world we would continue on to Cloncurry.