Mount Isa.

Saturday 27th August 2011, Mount Isa.

We haven’t had mobile coverage for the past few days hence no reports. I generally write one each move, even when out of coverage and then post them all at once, but was a bit buggered yesterday so gave it a miss. We had one of our longest trips ever yesterday of about 455 kilometres, more on that though.

While we were at Banka-Banka we heard that there was a festival on at Camooweal this weekend, and we had planned on being there. Not having any mobile coverage we thought it would be a good idea to use the Telstra payphone to ring the caravan park to find out how busy they were and would you believe the phone box was a phone card only one and would not take coins, where does one purchase a phone card literally out in the middle of nowhere!? We then had to make a decision about what to do, it was no good fronting up at Camooweal and not being able to get in, so we decided to go a little further yesterday and today go past Camooweal and on to Mount Isa. Just as well as when we went past Camooweal the caravan parks were quite full and we may well have not got in, it is all done now so we can from now on just take our travels as they come as there is no shortage of townships to stop at from here on in. We would have liked to stop at a few rest areas on the way across from Three ways but not many of them have toilets, an almost essential for us, so the idea was again shelved.

It is nice to once again be in an area we would class as being civilised and populated, hence giving us that feeling of not being isolated any more.